About Us

Romike Industries was established as a contract manufacturer in 1979. Over the last 30 years the company has become a leading manufacturer in the souvenir industry. We are very proud to still manufacture most of our goods in Australia, with our Marrikville based factory producing a broad range of high quality products, including many proven sellers. We are equally proud to say that we have established a clear track record of supplying high volume customers consistently over many years of business.

What makes Romike different?

  • Most of our products are Australian Made.
  • We produce majority of our packaging and point of sale devices. This ensures efficient supply, consistent quality and the flexibility to make ongoing improvements to our products.
  • As both producer and distributor we are able to offer unbeatable value for money to customers with buying power.
  • We maintain high stock levels to ensure that our customers do not experience hold ups in their supply chain. In many ways we are able to provide the most consistent ongoing supply of any company in this industry.
  • Our product development team is able to bring new products to market much faster than importers.
  • The breadth of our range allows us to make various exclusive arrangements with high value customers.


Romike Industries operates out of our large plant and warehouse, based in the Sydney suburb of Marrickville.  A large part of our success is derived from a continuing dedication to incorporating the latest manufacturing technologies into our factory processes.  This allows for a higher level of automation than any of our competitors and therefore higher volume output and exceptional consistency.  Recently we have also added a printery on-site, with high end digital printing tools and fi nishing equipment such as celloglazing and binding machinery.   Our facilities allow us to be entirely self sufficient, with only raw materials being brought in from external suppliers. We invite you to visit our site in order to see our capabilities first hand.

Human Resources

With so many years of experience between us, the team at Romike Industries is as well oiled as the machinery they operate.   Whether it’s manufacturing, artwork, packing or any other duty, each staff member is trained and focussed on delivering consistently for our customers.


Stock Range Products

Romike offers an extensive range of stock lines which are available on demand. In most cases we can supply rush orders to you when required but we do ask that you leave 3 to 4 days for delivery whenever possible.

Our stock lines are regular updated and new designs and products are also added from month to month. To keep up with what’s new please speak to your sales consultant.

Custom Packaging

For bigger customers who wish to personalise products from our stock range, Romike can offer custom designed packaging with your branding and style. Utilising an extensive range of digital printing equipment we can offer this service at a very reasonable price without forcing you to immediately purchase excessively large volumes.

If you need design support our team can come up with a range of ideas based on the requirements and style you communicate to us. Otherwise we are happy to pass on the relevant technical details to your own design team to help them supply artwork that fits our production processes, thereby avoiding multiple revisions of the same artwork.

Speak to your sales consultant for more specific information about this service.

Custom Product

If you are looking for a unique product to help complement your unique retail outlet or tourist venue, we are able to provide a very flexible service. Utilising our extensive experience and huge array of digital machinery Romike can manufacture custom products with minimum fuss and at highly competitive prices. We can either reproduce any of our stock products with your own artwork, or even develop unique items just for you. Best of all you don’t have to order unrealistic volumes in order to have custom made products.

If you would like to order larger volumes (to reduce your cost per unit) but do not have adequate storage facilities, we are happy to produce a larger run, then warehouse the bulk of this stock for you and despatch it as needed. This ensures that you can enjoy the best possible prices, while not wasting any of your precious retail space on storage. There is no extra charge for this service but you will be invoiced for the entire order with the first delivery and all freight after the first drop will be at your cost.

Points of Sale & Decoration

Romike is able to custom build any point of sales units you may require to help improve your sales. Displays are built to fit your space and decorated to fit in with your brand and retail space. Display units are supplied free of charge, but do require minimum orders and remain the property of Romike Industries.

We can also print large format posters and signs to order to help decorate your retail space. Some costs may apply for this service so please speak to your sales consultant for more information.


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